About Department

The Faculty of Applied Sciences offers the students an understanding of the logical, conceptual, theoretical, analytical and deductive skills in physics, chemistry and mathematics. The application of science, in the daily lives of the people has grown immensely. With social problems continuously erupting, science has brought about practical solutions to some of these problems. It is in line with this agenda, that the Faculty of Applied Science endeavors to disseminate the knowledge of science by developing highly critical and analytical students with a sharp scientific understanding. The faculty is research oriented. The Faculty of Applied Science focuses on an in-depth study of subjects having great scientific significance such as applied physics, chemistry and mathematics and amongst other fields. Its strategic industrial ties with various research-based companies and pharmaceuticals provide the budding science students with practical hands-on training platforms even before their point of graduation. The faculty emphasizes on the acquisition of ethical scientific knowledge which is vital for producing students, with a desire to edify the welfare of humanity through the use of science.