About Department

The Computer Science plays a role of great significance in the connectivity and networking of the world into a social, economical and political web. The Information Technology course offered by the Faculty of Engineering is centered on providing the most enriching practical and theoretical understanding of Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology. The department of Information Technology provides students with the fundamentals of networking, computing and programming systems. The course is AICTE approved thus guaranteeing students of a quality academic experience under the guidance and instruction of highly trained and experienced faculties. With the department’s inclination towards hands on training, the faculties are equipped with the most cutting edge technology and learning equipment for the most practical learning experience. This course will provide students with an ability to navigate the various career avenues open in the field of IT. Our highly trained faculties nurture and develop the vital IT knowledge along with the most essential industrial competencies

Why Study Information Technology Engineering ?

Students, who pursue information technology, gain a modern understanding of the latest trends in technology and innovation. It also gives an industrial edge for the graduates of this course, as Information Technology is a complementary and essential part of various fields. Therefore upon the completion of this course, students can take up careers in various fields.