About Department

Electronics and Communication engineering is a blend of electronics and networking systems to establish convenient channels of communication. The course is designed to shape and develop skilled resources with effective skill sets to navigate the contemporary trends in the digital communication technology. The department has strategically teaches the ECE curriculum in such a manner that provides the students with a comprehensive learning exposure. With its AICTE approval, the Electronics and Communication engineering course guarantees students a high quality academic experience. The department’s unique approach to practical training has resulted in the establishment of various laboratories such as the Communication Lab, VLSI Lab, Electronics Circuit Lab, Networks Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Electronics System Design Lab, amongst others. The department follows a teaching model which places particular focus in providing solutions to global technology concerns. Our highly trained expert faculties provide students with the most practically engaging learning experience imparting within them the relevant skills to meet the industrial demands.

Why Study Electronics and Communication Engineering ?

Career opportunities in electronics and communication have been widening due to the evolving technology and the new streams of innovation. The course is designed to equip students with the vital skills and knowledge essential for navigating the communication industry. The various fields which this course focuses on are – Internet of Things, Networking, Digital Signal Processing, MATLAB, PLC-SCADA amongst other areas. Upon completing this course, students can take up careers in various fields.