At SGSITS our aim is to produce Engineers in the true sense. To begin with, the students are drilled to achieve proficiency in the curriculum related topics. SGSITS has evolved a unique methodology for focused & effective transfer of knowledge and skills from the teacher to the students. The faculty members are initially trained by experienced educationists under the “Train the tutors” programme so that they in turn are fully competent to coach the students effectively.

Enough care & precaution is taken to see that students have access only to authentic & relevant study material. The “Course Information Brochure” is made available to the students at the beginning of the semester to keep them totally apprised of the teaching procedure & guidelines for all subjects during a semester. The faculty performance is further monitored on a continual basis to see that the teaching-learning process is in tune with the guidelines laid down by the experts. Formative feedback of faculty’s performance is taken from the students to set right any lacuna or lapses of the part of the faculty. Specialized techniques have been evolved to monitor the progress of the students in their academics at regular intervals so that they can be fine tuned to perform well.

The progress of their attendance and their marks in the mid semester exams is made available on-line for their parents to keep track of their ward’s academic performance. Time tested evaluation systems have been adopted in the institute, this will help the students to have a feel of the university exams before actually facing them. The students are individually informed about their performance and steps to be adopted for further improvement. They are given the scheme of evaluation of the mid semester exam papers & the solutions for the numerals to help them in their preparation for the university exams. There is total transparency in the evaluation system and the student has every right to know about the evaluation procedure and get his grievances addressed, if any, by the principal.

At SGS a student has an opportunity for interactive learning rather than the usual “listen & learn” approach & the students are encouraged to actively participate in the teaching-learning process. Students are encouraged to deliver talks on curricular related topics at least once a week so that they develop the most essential self confidence & also improve their presentation & communication skills.

Electronic teaching aids like the OHP & LCD projectors (Digital Light projectors) are being used to speed up the learning process. The class rooms are installed with CCTV systems to help authorities to keep in touch with the class environment & to monitor the performances of the faculty. Intensive training is imparted to the students in all the laboratories, as this is the most important requirement for the students to fare well in their future careers. To help the students grasp the essence of an experiment, a batch of only 20 students is formed so that only 2 students conduct an experiment. The students are given informative and standardized laboratory manuals well in advance so that they can come prepared to the laboratory and obtain meaningful results.