Hostel Facility


SGSITS has provided separate hostel facility for boys and girls in the view of providing a secure atmosphere to girls. The hostel is located in the campus. It has got good facilities and infrastructure which makes students feel comfortable and find a homely atmosphere. Being away from the city hub nubs, the hostel provides serene and calm atmosphere.

Detailed thought and consideration has been given to provide utmost comfort to the students with more personal space provided in an ideal location. The students of all branches live together in the hostels which help in developing a healthy and cordial relationship among them. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the campus. The hostels have been provided the following facilities:

  • Telephone Facility
  • Internet Facility
  • Nutritious food
  • Well furnished rooms

Every student should have the right kind of nourishment. It is a vital important part of any education system that is usually overlooked. A weak regimen can make a student fatigued and tired and the wrong food can lead to excessive fat and set lethargy. So SGSITS takes special care to see that all students get a diet that is prescribed to keep them fit and agile, to study better.