Junk Yard


Test your creativity at Elixir 2014 & Join the Fun in creating amazing stuff out of scrap. This activity is an ideal mesh of education and entertainment.Elixir brings to you the Junk Yard which comes to showcase your talent and creativity to mould the backyard junk into something enviable.


Racing against the clock, teams scrap together working machines to carry out a particular mission, using whatever they can find in junkyard kit. At the end of each show, teams put their creations against each other to find out who has put together the best solution to the producers challenge. It’s hard to make science much cooler than that

Date of Event:-


Time of Event

10.30 AM


  • The  Junk – kit will be provided by fest committee.
  • The specimen will be shown for 10 min with all explanations and queries.
  • It is a group event max number of participant in a team is 4.
  • All parameters and dimensions should be as per given specimen.
  • The model will be tested against the load carrying capacity.

Entry Fees

Rs 300/ per team


Mechanical Department

Student Co-Ordinators

  • Yogesh Vishanwani
  • Avinash Gupta
  • Khemraj Bairagi
  • Rahul Sharma