Kick it Up


It will be a group dance competition

Date of Event


Time of Event

4.30 PM


  • Group should be comprised of maximum 7 participants.
  • The participants should get their costumes and props.
  • Song can include variation in styles and track can be made as a medley, fusion or folk style.
  • A minimum length of at least 4 minutes and can extend to a maximum length of 6 minutes.
  • Music must be submitted in the morning of the competition to the sound/audio area. All music must be on CD. No re-writable CD’s will be accepted due to their poor quality.
  • Be sure to label all CD’s with the group name and title of the dance.
  • Competitors should be ready to perform 1 hour before their scheduled time, in case competition is ahead of schedule.
  • All groups are responsible for selection of their music and must be suitable with appropriate lyrics.
  • At Kick It up Dance Competition the decisions of the judges are final, the manner and method of the judging is solely within the discretion of Kick It Up Dance Competition and its judging panel.
  • All scores resulting in ties will be broken by the judges.


Entry Fees

Rs/- 250 per team


Open Auditorium

Student Co-ordinators

  • Wasimuddin Qureshi
  • Pawan Soni
  • Sonam Rajdev