Music Band



Being in a rock band is about touring. It’s about writing songs and it’s about making records but it’s also about taking a wonderful smile onto that stage and making the people feel good about themselves.

– James Young


 In this event participants will have to produce advertisement for a product in a proper way which is quite appealing to audience. This is a theme based event where theme will be announced on the spot


Date of Event


Time of Event

04.00 PM


  • Each team should consist of min 5 participants and maximum 8 participants.
  • Before performance prep. Time will be10 min and Maximum 10 min will be given to each band to perform.
  • Each band has to perform their own composition and then they have to perform on a theme given at the time of event.
  • Each band has to carry their own instruments.

Entry Fees

Rs/- 200 per team


Open Auditorium

Student Co-ordinators

  • Akash Jaiswal
  • Ankit Navlakha
  • Devesh Rawat