Ramp Show


Here one place where your sense of style pays off, strutting the ramp has never been more competitive. It’s not a walk in the park……it’s the catwalk on the beach!


Date of Event


Time of Event

05.30 PM


  •  Exceeding the given time limit will result in negative marking and even disqualification.
  • The stage must not remain empty for more than a minute.
  • One person per team must be there to manage sound track.
  • No props and costumes will be provided by us. Team have to bring their own costumes and props.
  • Use of material like candle, matches, cigarettes, alcohol and any hazardous materials on stage is prohibited. Teams are required to contact organizers before using such stuffs.
  • Vulgarity of any kind would lead to disqualification of the team from the event.Hence, if the team feels that any stunt of costume design can be deemed as vulgar, it is strongly advised to consult organizers then performing it directly on stage.
  • Two copies of soundtrack to be submitted in advance in standard audio format-.wav or .mp3 of sound quality 192 kbps or above to the organizers (in c.ds only, no laptop)
  • It is imperative that all team members must possess a valid college id which must be presented at the time of event. However, designer and choreographer could be hired professional.
  • The decision of the judges and organizing committee will be final and building in all.
  • Theme selection is open to the team.
  • Team will be judged on costumes, theme, walking stance and attitude.

Judging criteria-

  •  Designs
  • Make up and styling
  • Choreography
  • Music incorporation
  • Adaption of theme



  • Theme-Open choice
  • No. of models per team: 2-5
  • Accompanists per  team: Max.2(inclusive of designer, makeup artist and backstage help)
  • Time: 10 minutes including 3minutes for setup.


Entry Fees

Rs 100 per participants


Open Auditorium

Student Co-ordinators

  •  Yogesh Vishwanwani
  • Mahendra Parihar
  • Avinash Gupta
  • Hemlata Sunhare
  • Kirti Nagiya
  • Shivashish Upadhyaya