The most famous structure, ‘The Bridge’ has attained the present fame accidentally due to unfortunate incidents, but not built so by the engineers. Here is your chance to build a similar structure with your own techniques and challenge the world to prove your mettle as a successful engineer.


Elixir brings you the challenge to design a structure similar to “The truss Bridge” using popsicles sticks and adhesive that can sustain the mentioned load, satisfying the understated constraints.

Date of Event


Time of Event

10.30 AM

Arena specifications

1. There is a 170mmX820 mm base on which the bridge has to fix.

2. There are four grooves or slots  with a depth of 100 mm and 40 mm X 40 mm cross-section in the base column on the four corners of the base.



 Top view and side view of arena are  given below




This (Red color) base is provided by the organizer.


Design Constraints

1. No part of the bridge should cross the boundary of the base, 5mm variation is allowed only for slots. Otherwise 10 points shall be deducted for breaking this rule.

2. The minimum height of the column of bridge measured along its height should not be less than 60mm.Otherwise 10 points shall be deducted.

3. The top most surface or deck of the bridge must be parallel to the base.

Penalty: 15 points for breaking this rule.

4. The top most surface deck of the bridge should be a continuous surface with no gaps in it.

Penalty: 20 points for breaking this rule.

5. The columns of  bridge should be fixed properly in grooves or slots (in figure yellow area) of given base column.

6. The top central deck area 100mmX100mm of span should be clear to apply load.

Breaking this rule the team will be disqualified.

7. The depth or height of Bridge trusses should be between 150mm-200mm and lower truss bridges are allowed.

Penalty: 20 points for breaking this rule.

8. Effective span =760mm, Clear span =720mm, width =150mm. (Bridge will be fix on arena if these dimensions are used.)


Material Constraints

1. Popsicles sticks (maximum length 115 mm, width 13 mm and thickness 3 mm) and fevicol should only be used as an adhesive to build the structure. The popsicles sticks can be cut or trimmed to any shape or size.

2. Adhesive can only be used to join Popsicle sticks together; however adhesive cannot be applied on the free surface of a member made of Popsicle sticks to increase its strength (Only fevicol can be used as an adhesive).

3. The team will be disqualified if found using any other material other than those mentioned in any part of the structure.



1. For teams 5 minutes will be given to make final changes in their structure before the testing, and once the changes are done, the structure will be weighed. After weighing is done no changes can be made in the structure.

2. Teams will be allowed to put their structure on the base; once the structure is placed a weight of 30Kg will be kept on the structure by the team members themselves.

3. Structure must be able to stand the load of 30 kg without failing for at least 1 minute. (Load is constant it will not increase or decrease)

4. Loads will be applied on the center of topmost surface (100mmX100mm) of the deck.


Definition of failure

The structure is considered failed when any of the following happens:

1. The structure fails to satisfy any of the constraints specified above.

2. Any member or joint of the structure fails.



1. Once the structure is weighed, you are not allowed to modify your structure in any way.

2. If any of these constraints are not met, point deductions (as mentioned) or disqualification may be imposed at the sole discretion of the organizers.

3. If the structure fails to satisfy any of the above constraints, then it will be rejected.

4. Any team that is not ready at the time specified will be disqualified immediately.

5. Judges decision shall be final and binding to all

Team Specifications

A team may consist of  maximum of 4 members. Students from different educational institutes can form a team.

Entry Fees

Rs 150 per team

Civil Department

Student Co-ordinators

  • Gourav Mandniya
  • Madhusudhan Sangitla
  • Himanshu Vishwakarma
  • Dheeraj Meena
  • Rishabh Vishwakarma