Tug of War



The object of Tug-of-War is to pull the other player or team across the center line. To do this, you must use a rope and pull against one another until they come across the line in any way, or if they choose to forfeit. Each side must have an equal amount of players, and it does not matter the physical strength or ability.


Each team have to pull another team across a central line.


Date of Event


Time of Event

03.30 PM


  • It is a team event having 5 participants in each team.
  • Participant should not bring any sort of stuffs.
  • Other rules will be specified at the time of the event

Entry Fees

Rs/- 150 per team


College Ground

Student Co-ordinators

  • Himanshu Vishwakarma
  • Sagar Parmar
  • Aasim Mansoori